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조안 닝 고소
09 March 2010 @ 02:44 am
IT'S OFFICIAL!!!!!!!!!

iloveparkjungsu has moved to my_jungsoo

People on my F-List I will add you directly there.

Thank you for supporting me through constant visits.

If you are a fan of my graphics, please visit/join:

perfectionistas - my shared graphic comm with jo and sha, although now empty, i will start posting there as soon as i have something to post


elfgraphics - once in a while i will post there, just join because it's a Members Only graphic comm

I will not re-post my old icons there nor in my new journal. I will leave this as it is.

I am still the moderator of:
hyd_icontest - Boys Over Flower icontest
wgloveaday - Wonder Girls a day community
teukgifaday - Leeteuk gif a day community